Discover Your Vehicle's TEXTium Instant Value™

You can discover a convenient and quick way to find your vehicle's trade-in value by using our TEXTium Instant Value™ tool. With a few simple steps, you can discover an accurate value for your vehicle through texting. You can save time and discover the market value of your vehicle by relying on trusted companies and receiving your vehicle's value by text.

How it Works

Our TEXTiUM Instant Values™ combine Black Book's pricing and analytic technology with the market data and trusted pricing of Kelley Blue Book. Both companies have reputations for transparent and accurate pricing, helping drivers discover fair values for their vehicles. Finding your trade-in value by texting lets you explore your options from the comfort of your home.

The process to finding your TEXTium Instant Value™ includes:

  • Provide Your Phone Number: Enter your phone number to begin the process. You should receive a text that includes a link to value your trade-in vehicle with Kelley Blue Book.
  • Identifying Your Vehicle: When using the Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool, you will first need to identify your vehicle. It's possible to do this in several ways, including providing your license plate number, VIN, or selecting your car's information.
  • Vehicle Details: You can home-in on the value of your specific vehicle and its valuable features. Answer questions like whether you have a spare key fob or if your vehicle has an all-wheel drive system. You can also select additional vehicle details to value your vehicle and highlight what makes it special.
  • Vehicle History: Next, you will be prompted to share your vehicle's history and usage. Kelley Blue Book can learn more about your vehicle when you answer questions like whether your vehicle has been in an accident or if you used it as a rental.
  • Add Photos: You will have the option of providing pictures of your vehicle to improve the accuracy of your value while also saving you time in the final appraisal process.
  • Vehicle Condition: You will be prompted to address any damage or wear in specific areas of your vehicle. While it can be tempting to overlook a problematic area of your vehicle, it will only slow down the process later and provide you with an inaccurate value for your car. 
  • Receiving Your Value: Once you have completed the steps of valuing your vehicle, you will receive a text with your vehicle's trade-in value. In addition to the value, you will find helpful information in this text, including the possible tax savings and when the offer expires.

Trading in Your Vehicle

After you have finished finding your TEXTium Instant Value™, you can expect our team to reach out to you with the next steps should you choose to go through with the trade-in. Finding your trade-in value doesn't require completing the process, but it does save you time and help you consider your options.

If you want to take advantage of your vehicle's trade-in value, you can schedule an appraisal with our team. We will briefly examine your vehicle to confirm the accuracy of your online value. We can then provide the final paperwork, and you can apply your trade-in value to one of our high-quality vehicles. Trading in your vehicle helps you save in sales tax, letting you keep your costs low and get more for your money.

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You can get started today by providing your phone number. If you have questions, our team is here to help and can guide you through what to expect from our trade-in process.